Azerbaijan's first non-carbonated mineral water


Slavyanka is pure and natural spring water. The physical and chemical composition of this water fully complies with the norms of drinking water. Low hardness is an advantage of this water, so this is light water. It does not contain any nitrite and nitrates. Our water is produced with ISO certification and meets all standards. One of the reasons why Gadabay waters differ in the market today is that they are rich in minerals. All products are made fully automated, without human intervention.

About us

In the north of Gadabay region, in the heart of a number of mountains, there are well known famous springs. Since 2004, Slavyanka is bringing pure and natural water to our tables. The initial source of the water we provide was Novlu spring located in Slavyanka village of Gadabay. This is where the history of our name comes from. Over the years, the growing demand for pure and natural water has increased, and in 2010 we commissioned the Gadabay Mineral Waters Factory in the Zahmat village of Gadabay region, equipped with the latest technology aligned with world standards. Currently, the Slavyanka waters come from the water of 12 springs located in the Gadabay Mountains at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. Water from springs collected in the factory, goes through purification procedures while preserving the mineral content and delivers to all regions of the country.


The mineral content of spring water also determines its use for therapeutic purposes. Metaselic acid in Slavyanka and Gadabay waters is good for the kidneys and bile ducts. Due to its pH of 8.2, this water prevents obesity in humans and has an antioxidant effect.